wool2yarn global is an English language business to business trade directory/magazine with editorial articles covering issues from wool bale to woollen yarn production. It also features informative analysis and opinions on the wool and speciality fibre industry worldwide.

Published once each year in September.

Special Editorial Reports

  • Forecasts in wool production & exports including interviews with leading exporters from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Britain, Argentina, Uruguay, USA and Canada.
  • Business is changing - Covid impact on supply chains, demand and consumption - comments and perspectives from industry leaders.
  • Fully traceable wool fibre - how is each exporting country meeting the demand for Traceability, Environmental Accreditation, Organic Fibre, and Integrity Schemes. We continue to delve into the issues around fashion industry demand for environmental certification.
  • Sustainable fashion - consumer interest in genuine eco-friendly clothing.
  • Brexit - impact and implications on UK wool industry and its relationship to EU.
  • Wool Interiors - Crossbred Wools - British and New Zealand exporters and their views on future market demand and prices.
  • Blending fashion with technology - leading designers creating innovations in wool fibre.
  • China textile industry - beyond Covid, growth in domestic market, views from textile processors, spinners, and manufacturers working with wool and other natural fibres.
  • Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and others in this immerging region where governments are making it a priority to revive historically vibrant textile industries. Is there an opportunity for wool?
  • Industrial & interior textiles - New applications for wool, yarn and fabric in transport, hospitality and commercial textiles. Interviews with industry leaders in this space.
  • Focus on India - second largest import country after China. Examining India's appetite for wool, and interview industry players in greasy wool imports, and top, yarn and fabric manufacture.
  • Textile machinery - building toward ITMA 2022. Textile machinery for preparation, dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting, and finishing and latest advantages in flexibility, speed, energy savings, and consistent quality.
  • Performance yarns - developments in next-to-skin, sport, extreme-condition, and formal wear.
  • Environmental accreditation for specialty fibres - Alpaca, Mohair, Cashmere - Tops, Yarn and Fabric.
  • Non polluting treatments for wool & yarn - increased demand for GOTS and other Environmental Certifications for wool and natural fibres.
  • Environmentally friendly dyes - for Tops, Yarn, & Fabric - processes and perspectives.
  • The science of a good night's sleep - worldwide manufacturers take up the challenge.
  • Wool & product testing - profiling manufacturers of Testing Equipment for Wools, Tops, Yarn, and Fabric - and its value and importance in processing and manufacturing.

Print circulation & readership

5,000 printed | 58 countries |17,500 readers

Circulation to individually addressed recipients in 58 countries worldwide including Eastern and Western Europe, UK, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Japan, Mongolia, China, South Korea, South Africa, Middle East, South America, Australia, New Zealand and more. With an exceptionally high pass-on rate, wool2yarn global enjoys a readership of over 17,500 readers worldwide. Readership includes all major importers of wool and speciality fibre, primary processors, topmakers, spinners and weavers, manufacturers of yarn and knitwear, manufacturers of carpet, rugs and blankets, producers and importers of industrial textile, knitwear and fabrics, knitting yarns, bedding and household products, garment manufacturers, research institutions, testing houses and brands and retail chains.

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